elliot film website. elliot is a film by san francisco artist craig jacobson
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poster design for Elliot, a science fiction cyber thriller directed by Craig Jacobson.

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Elliot is a sci-fi social commentary on the way our existence is changing through social media and new technologies.

The film is inspired by different spiders and explores the struggle of one man grappling with his second self, the distrust of his own cognition, and the anxiety brought on by his external obligations.

Currently in production.

elliot meet the director craig jacobson
Craig Jacobson is a filmmaker and musician who resides in San Francisco, CA. His sound design and cinematic discipline work in tandem to create existential and surreal experiences for which words alone cannot truly express.

You can also visit Craig Jacobson's OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information about Elliot and other projects that he is working on.
Anna Klitzka
Christine Johnson
Danielle Sechler-Gunther
David Jacobson
Gina Sorbara
John Espey
Josh Nece
Phoebe Osborne
Stefano Lima